PAW UK Forensic Working Group

Providing forensic advice and support to wildlife crime investigations in the UK

The PAW Forensics Working Group (FWG) was established in 1996. Its membership is made up of representatives from the forensic science community, government departments, the Police, UK Border Force and non-governmental organisations. The FWG aims to support the application of scientific technologies to countering wildlife crime in the UK. It keeps abreast of developments in wildlife forensics and works to provide tools for wildlife law enforcers.

The FWG maintains these webpages as a resource for wildlife law enforcement agencies, to support access to forensic science.  The following sections provide information on: the use of wildlife forensic science; the techniques available; wildlife DNA sampling kits; and how to access the UK Forensic Analysis Fund.  Click on the relevant image below to find out more on each of these areas.

If you are involved in wildlife crime investigation and require some advice on forensic testing please contact Lucy or Stephanie by email.

FWG Chair
SASA Wildlife DNA Forensics Unit
Tel: 0131 2448929

Stephanie PENDRY
FWG Co-ordinator
Mobile: 07768 825550