Wildlife forensic sampling kits

Securing evidence is the first stage in any forensic investigation.  All forms of evidence require controlled storage and transfer; biological evidence in particular also requires appropriate storage to preserve the items for subsequent analysis.  Trained scene of crime officers specialise in evidence recovery, but may not always be available to attend wildlife crime scenes or seizures.  In such cases, it is important that investigating officers have the skills and resources to perform basic evidence collection.

The FWG has designed and produced a Wildlife DNA Sampling Kit to enable wildlife crime officers to collect forensic evidence.  Together with appropriate training, the kits can be used by any officer to secure and transfer biological evidence for subsequent DNA analysis.

The Wildlife DNA Sampling Kits can be requested through the Metropolitan police. Please contact Paul Thompson at paul.thomson1@met.pnn.police.uk or 07825 112278. The cost of the kit is £10.

The kit includes a guidebook that describes the equipment included in the kit and how to use it.  A .pdf version of the guide is available to download here.