Welcome to the PAW Forensic Working Group

The application of modern technology to combat wildlife crime has been a rapid growth area. Forensic techniques are increasingly being applied and are often essential in proving beyond reasonable doubt that particular offences were, or were not committed. The PAW Forensics Working Group (FWG) aims to harness these technologies and apply them for use in countering wildlife crime in the UK. It keeps abreast of developments in this area of rapid progress and works to provide tools to assist enforcers in their investigations and advises on how forensic techniques used in other situations might be applied to wildlife investigations.

The FWG has been in existence since 1996 and its membership is made up of representatives from UK government departments, the Police, UKBA, forensic laboratories and non-governmental organisations. The FWG has produced information about the FWG and a number of tools and resources to assist law enforcement in combating wildlife crime, which can be accessed below: